A Wildfire Masterclass
A master class dedicated to learning the art and magic of wild fire making. We will explore a range of skills from modern survival methods to traditional making fire by friction, taking you on a journey through time. Understand the use of natural tinder, how to identify and harvest materials, and the different types of fire lays. Learn to construct your own bow drill kit in the forest and master the ancient techniques necessary to bring fire to life, and a spark to the spirit!


Stanmer Park, Brighton

next classes:

10.00 - 1.30pm

Class 1 - Sunday 18th September

Modern methods of fire making / identifying the best wood to collect even when its wet / how to construct the best fire /  how to use natural tinder

Class 2 - Saturday 8th October

The ancient art of fire by friction - The Bow Drill.

Learn the body mechanics / how to make your own kit / what woods to construct with / how to continue practising.

''What a great class - I enjoyed every minute!''

"Can't believe I learnt so much!''