Wild After School
Club in the Wood - Wild in the City – being trialed in two city schools in Brighton. Club in the Wood is a 2 hour, fun and learning packed adventure club delivered in small, city woodlands close to the school. It’s objectives:

To give each child time to be in touch with nature and the seasons - close to their home. To slow down, observe and be quiet – as well as play, create and feel community.

* Not school or a conventional after school club. We aim to give children a choice to take part in offered activities or simply play – and also contribute to what we do at the Club.

* We offer a mixture of nature connection activities, games, natural crafts, story telling, green woodworking, fire making/lighting and outdoor cooking. We also offer quiet time and a chance to be.

The Club in the Wood Team is led by Kate Griffiths, and includes male and female nature guides. All are experienced in working with children in outdoor settings and are DBS checked. Our adult team is enhanced for 2015 by the recruitment of two junior Nature Guides – these are children who have been though some of our programames and show leadership potential and a willingness to mentor younger children in wild ways.

Want one for your school – get in touch with us

No woodland adventure at your school yet… then come to The Wilderness Club

Woodland time to unwind, have fun, play and make friends in a safe. An after-school nature connection and bush-craft mentoring project for older children, aged 10-15. A supportive and creative environment. Based Wowo campsite, Chailey.

The club runs fortnightly from 4.30-7.00pm, with a camp fire dinner to end each session.

The programme is run by highly-skilled and experienced female and male instructors, ensuring your young adults come back inspired, grounded, educated and happy.
Our aim is to provide a positive, nature-based educational environment where participants can grow and deepen a respect for themselves, others and the natural world In a modern culture that seems increasingly challenging for young people, we offer our three R's, which we believe form a strong foundation for a healthy transition into adulthood and a means to meet and thrive in any situation:

If booking the block of 4 sessions in advance, each session costs £13. Alternatively, you can pay a drop-in price of £20 per session.